• AWE for Team


    Actions for Workplace Engagement (AWE) for Team (choose the number of team members from drop down menu. 

    The programs delivers to your team's emails, with online assessments and surveys, weekly or bi-weekly (your choice) scheduled activities, best practices, tools, tactics, and training to engage the team and develop team collaboration and innovation, plus assessments, plus surveys. Each team member gets:

    - Three to six months of weekly or biweekly activities and assignments, plus 

    - Team assessment profile and 

    - creativity and innovation assessment profile - 

    AWE For Team is a continuous program of engagement for 10 or more users, for 3 to 6 months. 

    Choose number of users from the drop down menu, and contact us for volume discount on higher numbers.

    - These on-the-job actions are some of the tools, tactics, and best practices used by America's leading companies like Google, Dell, Apple, GE, 3M.  You get concepts, practices, individual and group activities and exercises to use in sessions with your team to generate ideas and innovative solutions while building employee engagement.