Be The Change Program

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2 Be the Change: Reinvent Yourself, Your Work, Your World. Then Use it with Others in Live Sessions

Learn Online and in-action-at-work and in-life program of personal change and transformation, then use its materials to train or coach individuals and groups "2 be the change", providing the most engagement and enthusiasm for people working on any project or initiative.

People at every stage of their lives aspire to achieve big dreams and great goals, a challenge that often requires reinventing themselves, discovering their talents, and growing their strengths. This program helps you coach and train them using powerful concepts, models, and activities, including the 3P Model.


Personal change is one of the most exciting journeys people can take. With this program, you can deliver to your clients a highly exciting process not just to change their work-life, but also to train and coach others to do the same.. The process works for team projects and organization initiatives in any field and function. 


"2 Be the Change" 6-Week Program of Action-Learning with Written Coaching Feedback


You will experience the rich and surprising "2 Be the Change" program and receive written coaching feedback plus all the materials, assessments, and slides to use in helping others "2 Be the Change" (Cannot post it on internet / intranet). It covers:

Discover your best-self, personality patterns, and life-themes. (Self-Discovery)

Know Thyself. With assessments and exercises you will unveil your best-self and life-patterns. Self-awareness is the corner-stone of emotional intelligence. Understanding yourself and your past enables you to take the best of them to the future.

Develop your talents and the strengths needed to work in the zone. (Self-growth)

With a powerful process for uncovering your hidden gifts you can focus on determining and growing your true talents.  Moving with your strengths, you can work in the zone and perform with ease to accomplish great goals.

Design Your Change. Having acquired the critical self-knowledge and the confidence of who you are and what's your calling, you now use a powerful process to decide and design the change you want to see in your world, and want to be yourself. (Future Search).

4-    Connect and communicate on a deeper human level, using the language of leadership.  (Compelling Conversations)

You will learn ways to create relation-shifts by relating to people on a deeper human level, making powerful connections, and inspiring others with the language of leadership to accomplish great goals. 

Apply critical thinking to turn dreams into desired future. (Critical Thinking)

You will learn the critical thinking skills that enable you to know facts from fallacy, what is real and what is fake. Truth becomes a liberating force, so you can authentically declare your vision. You can then  move with confidence to build your desired future.

Create the Change: Lead action-teams with creativity to achieve great goals. (Creative Action)

Having mastered critical thinking, you will learn ways to apply creative thinking and innovative ways of seeing the world. Breaking free from mental boxes enables you and your action-teams to freely explore new ways of living, working, and accomplishing.