Change Management Effectiveness Profile- Paper-5 Pack


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This assessment focuses on the manager as “change driver”.  The questionnaire identifies 7 key competencies in behavioral terms that are linked to leader success in implementing and managing change. Rather than another complicated flowchart of the change management process, this tool gives managers a simple diagnosis of the actions/practices they need to do more of-- in order to influence their work groups to be more readily adaptive.


Paper/Pencil Classroom Style Booklet Version        

The assessment booklet is ideal for classroom use, and for one-one-one or group coaching and mentoring, and includes feedback on using the competency including advice to improve low scores. There is also a summary description of the behavior of a high scorer to provide a summary image of a manager that is highly effective in the specific competency.


7 Key Competencies Assessed


Proactive Thinking– Actions and active consideration of future possibilities that could require changed or modified practices or strategies.

Organization for Change– Proactive planning to simplify, organize, describe, and implement a change.

Involving Others– Relating to others about changes, and involving them in determining the form changes will take.

Visualizing the Future– Long term consideration of a changed future and describing this future to others in a positive way.

Communicating Clearly– Simplifying change to communicate it clearly and understandably to all individuals.

Breaking from the Past– Taking action to lead change by demonstrating your part of the new order and communicating a firm deadline to others.  

Consolidating New Learning–  Active role modeling of self development and consistent behavior that creates a safe environment for others to develop or change without fear.


The Change Management Effectiveness Profile is 84 items.