• Coaching Course: Coach Yourself and Others

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    Email and Online Coaching Course: Coach Yourself and Others.

    For Leaders, Coaches, and Consultants

    The Next Best Thing to Having a Live One-to-One Coach at a Fraction of the Cost. You Get Personalized "Written Coaching Feedback" from HumaNext. 
    • While most coaching programs focus mainly on the methodology of asking questions, we go beyond by providing you and your clients with powerful tools, tactics, and templates to help you and them grow and achieve great professional and personal goals.
    • The Coaching Course is the next best thing to live one-to-one coaching as it includes "Written Coaching Feedback" from a HumaNext resident coach. The coaching feedback is given on the three most vital self-discovery exercises you will do as part of the Course.
    • You will go online to our interactive "wiki" type website to share your responses to some of the significant questions and assignments of the Course. You will get our written feedback on your experience with suggestions to move forward. You will also learn from the wealth of experiences and insights shared by hundreds of other trainers and coaches on our wiki site, under several key skills that relate to your coaching, particularly the skills of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and compelling communications.

    This "Coaching Course" is a self-learning, self-coaching course where you get, by email and online, weekly- for 8 (Can be accelerated in 4 weeks if you prefer) - powerful tools, templates, training, activities, assessments, and on-the-job practices that enable you to coach yourself, and then use the tools to coach your team, or your internal or external clients.


    Key Features
    • You use the tools, templates, assessments, activities, and methodologies to develop yourself, and your team, or internal or external clients.
    • The Course includes tools and processes from the key areas of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and compelling communications, the three vital skills of most impact on people's performance and leadership.
    • You will get "Written Coaching Feedback" from our HumaNext coach on the three most vital exercises that enable you to discover and develop your life calling, life themes and values, your genius and talents, and your goals. This is the next best thing to having live coaching sessions with a coach, usually given at significantly higher fees.
    • Proven tools, templates, and assessments that have been used by HumaNext with clients in leading organizations, and with trainers and coaches in Train-the-Trainers sessions, with highly positive feedback and results. 
    • The tools, templates, activities, and assessments are function-neutral, so they work and deliver powerful results with various functions, areas of work and practice, and position levels.
    • Unlike reading a book about coaching, what you get here is a Template, where you copy and paste the models, tools, questions, activities, stories, and assessments to use one-one-one with your coaching clients or team members right away, or modify and use as you need. 
    • This is in addition to receiving personalized written feedback on your key discovery exercises, and learning more from other coaches who share their experiences at our special interactive website (wiki) type.
    How It Works
    • You will receive a weekly email file that delivers the concepts, assessments, templates, or on-the-job actions and activities that you need to work on that week. The course will be completed in 8 weeks. (You can accelerate it in 4 weeks if you prefer.)
    • Some of work will be done online, where you will get access to go to do it at a special website.
    • Even though the course is delivered in weekly segments, you can pace your learning as it fits your schedule. If you have not done the work for one week on time, you can do two weeks together, and so on. 
    • You will have support by email throughout the 8 week period.
    • We also offer you the option of receiving all the content of the course at one time, while you can still do the exercises later at your convenience.