• Coaching One-to-One


    Leap beyond your limitations. Achieve career and life goals.

    Get Coached One-On-One by Phone or Skype + Assessments + On-the-Job Actions.

    You May Choose from Five Areas, a Mix, or Other Areas with a Focus on Your Goals:

    You can get coached in one or a combination of the following areas / fields of work, or in general work-life challenges:

    1- Critical Conversations: Learning to talk and present best when it matters most. Covers key communication skills.
    2- Leadership: For all leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders to develop effective leadership competencies.
    3- Train the Trainer: For trainers and consultants who want to sharpen their training design and facilitation skills.
    4- Coach the Coach: For persons who want to learn the models, techniques, and tool of coaching and use to coach others.
    5- Strategic Communication: For corporate / Organizational, and Employee Communicators who want to sharpen their competency in thinking and working strategically, creating strategic communication plans, audits, and campaigns. 

    How Coaching Works:

    • You get coached by phone in privacy, spending 45 minutes each.
    • Your coach is Francois Basili, President of HumaNext. 
    • You will do assessments to map your current strengths and needs.
    • You will receive a work sheets, documents, and tools as needed.
    • You will get assignments to do or read between the sessions.
    • You will get access to recorded webinars to learn as needed.
    • The coaching is highly customized, focusing on the goals you want to achieve.
    • May continue if you need to.
    • You will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Coaching Program upon completing all sessions and assignments.
    First 2 Months - 4 Live Sessions + Webinars + 8 Action-Tools: Regular Fee is $995

    To Continue (optional), Each 2 Months (4 Live Sessions + Webinars + 4 Action-Tools) Fee is