Communication Effectiveness Profile "CEP"


Communication Effectiveness Profile in MS Word: 

Discover and Empower Your Communication Style

The powerful and versatile "What Are You Saying? / Communication Effectiveness (CEP) is an electronic MS Word document that you can reproduce, print and use with unlimited number of persons, unlimited number of times. It's an effective tool for both coaching and training. 

This easy to use tool has helped middle managers and top executives in leading American organizations discover and significantly improve their communication style.
This tool delivers many benefits as it enables you to:
  • Discover the characteristics of your communication style.
  • Provide you with a way with which to understand the components of your communication style and the way they affect the people communicating with you.
  • Give you a measurable, comparative frame of reference with which you can relate and evaluate your current and future communication effectiveness, and compare and monitor your progress toward more effective communication.
  • Understand others’ communication style and find ways to communicate more effectively with them.
  • Enable a team to chart their collective Team Communication Effectiveness Profile.
  • See a complete 360 View/ Feedback, revealing how others see your communication style.
  • Order one master CEP with its Facilitator’s Guide and Team and 360 View sections in a Word document e-mailed to you with rights to reproduce unlimited number of copies.