• Communicator's Collection - Corporate

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    Vital Programs on Communication Plans, Audits, and Campaigns 

    The Communicator’s Collection from HumaNext offers you three vital programs no communicator should be without.

    The Communicator’s Collection contains the following three programs, each can be purchased by itself, but as a collection you get them for  70% off their regular price:

    1- The Communication Plan Template   


    Our Best Seller Communication Plan Template is the tool to use to create strategic communication plans that enable you to achieve measurable communication results.

    The Communication Plan Template enables you to create effective communication plans, campaigns and messages. It achieves this by taking you Step-By-Step through a Strategic Communication Planning process now used by leading American and international organizations.

    2- Do-It-Yourself Communication Audit Template


    The Communication Audit Template enables you to do the following:
    - Review of existing communication policies, publications, and vehicles, indicating strengths and weaknesses of each.
    - Conduct employee focus groups and executive interviews.
    - Evaluation and recommendations for strengthening your communication programs.

    3- The Employee Communication Campaigns and Events Template 


    This program offers you concepts and content, tools and templates, methods and messages to create more engaging and effective employee or organizational communication initiatives, campaigns, events, and projects.

    It is a powerful, innovative resource that infuses your communication campaigns, initiatives, or events with features that turn ordinary communications into engaging experiences that win the hearts and minds of your audience.