Creativity and Innovation Profile - Paper & Pencil

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The paper & pencil Creativity & Innovation Profile is a reproducible, self-administered, self-learning tool that helps the user to uncover his or her preferred innovation style, and can be reproduced in paper format to give to others to do. You receive it in MS Word format to print and reproduce. This means the user will need to do the calculations, and you, or another administrator, will need to collect and calculate the aggregate numbers for all users. This works well in a training workshop for a limited number of people. For larger groups (minimum 20 at $69 each, and goes down with volume), we offer a customized online version that each user can do online and automatically get an individual and group profile without doing any calculations. See the online version in the Creativity Category.

- In both numbers and visual graphs, the user will get a revealing picture of how they think creatively, apply creativity, and act on their creative ideas. Answering 42 questions and plotting the results on a 'Systems- Ideas' horizontal axis and an 'Action - Stability' vertical axis, the user produces a clear visual representation of their Innovation status. The user then is shown how to use this information to Think Outside the BOX." The result is a powerful insight into one's own creative thinking capacity and an opening into a more innovative horizon.

Creativity At Work Profile goes beyond revealing and boosting individual creativity. With 42 more questions about the user's organization (or department, or team) a comparison can be created showing the compatibility between that person's potential for creative/innovative ability and what the organization's culture allows (as conceived by that individual). A collective picture of the organization's innovation status can be obtained by adding the Organization's scores of all users and dividing that total by the number of users. Users are able to 'measure' in figures and numbers, the size of the possible "Innovation Gap" between their capacity for innovation and what they perceive their organization's current culture allows. This discovery, which tends to startle and arouse the intense interests of participants, leads to discussion and actions towards breaking the boxes that stifle innovation in the organization. The Facilitator's Guide includes added exercises, handouts, and resources to help facilitate the administration of the profile and the interpretation of its results.

The Creativity At Work Profile takes about 30 minutes for the Individual Innovation Part, and another 20 minutes to do the Organization ( or Department ) Innovation Part. The computation of the collective organization numbers and plotting its graph can take another 10 minutes. Group discussions and action planning can follow for about 30 minutes. The 60 to 90 minutes' duration for this powerful tool can be a part of a training session on innovation, organizational culture, leadership, or creative problem solving. It can also be done as a segment on innovation as part of a department meeting, executive retreat, or other suitable settings. It is by nature a lot of fun to do, while providing solid information and intriguing insight into this vital aspect of individual and organizational performance.