Deliver Workshops and Webinars Add-On

$595.00 $495.00

This is an "Add-On" License to your "HumaNext Trainer Certification" of any topic / workshop to enable you to deliver that topic online in webinars or via your LMS in addition to face-to-face classroom style. You must order at least one certification - from the programs in the "Certification" Category - with your order of this program. In addition to having the rights to deliver online, you will learn best practices and effective techniques for delivering engaging webinars.

All our certification / programs are designed and priced for face-to-face classroom training. 

But now you can also deliver them online via webinars or your LMS by adding the purchase of "Deliver Workshops and Webinars Add-On" for each trainer certification you order. This enables you to deliver the topic of certification online as well as in classroom.

This added order enables you to deliver the program of your certification in various ways:

  •  You may deliver it in webinar formats unlimited number of times.
  • You may add it to your organization's LMS for all employees to learn.
  • You may adapt its content or parts of it and include in your online library of courses.
  • You may include its content in other digital delivery formats like podcasts.
  • You can order your certification topic / workshop here: