Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile Online


Online assessment for one user.

The Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile will help individuals understand how much awareness and commitment exists towards the diversity of individuals with different backgrounds in their organization.


This assessment compares perceptions of the organization’s commitment to cultural diversity against the respondents own commitment to cultural diversity.  Useful from an organization and an individual perspective. Competencies include:

·        Awareness and Climate

·        Levels of Inclusion

·        Degree of Empathy

·        Degree of Adaptation and Change

·        Persistence and Commitment


When to Use the Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile

  • With all employees who need to improve their own awareness of cultural diversity issues through a structured assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • As an OD tool to uncover perceptions about the organization in regards to commitment toward cultural diversity.
  • As an entry learning exercise when the organization intends to set new standards or policies related to diversity.
  • As an introductory training activity on diversity and cultural awareness to expose participants to their own, and the organizations, commitment to diversity issues.
  • With managers and executives who need to be able to recognize and correct dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors that may exist in the organization as regards cultural diversity.
  • As the center piece of a 1-day facilitated training workshop on diversity and cultural awareness.  


·        Measures 6 core diversity and cultural awareness competencies through 48 items, and collects ratings for the self as well as the “self’s” perception of how the organization is performing.

·        Worded in simple, understandable and behavioral terms allowing any participant, regardless of education or English language proficiency, to understand and provide accurate ratings.

Individuals or the organization can use questionnaire results to identify problem areas at the competency or specific behavioral item level.

(This assessment is also available in paper, contact us).