• Diversity and Inclusion Certification 3-in-1

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    HumaNext 3-in-1 Trainer Certification consists of three parts:

    1- First: You will learn advanced training techniques to become a better trainer on any soft skill topic with our Heart & Mind Learning methodology.


    2- Then: You learn to use a number of powerful coaching models, tools, and templates to coach yourself and others to do great work and achieve dream goals.


    3- Then: You will learn to deliver one or more (your choice) of our most popular workshops to your employees or clients.

    We have created a comprehensive program to help you deliver a Diversity and inclusion at Work workshop. We put all the key elements of our pioneering Diversity at Work Workshop.

    You get all the important concepts and activities you need to deliver, from the business case for diversity, the value of diversity at work, the respectful workplace, the relationship to Affirmative Action and EEO requirements, to creating diversity councils, and implementing diversity programs.

    The training covers all aspects of diversity from cultural and gender to ability/ disability, and the new areas of diversity like generations at work.

    • ​ Online certification occurs via MS Word and PowerPoint slides; recorded webinars,  a Wiki site for collaborative discussions and contributions, online assignments, and applicable online profiles / assessment.
    • You determine your pace of learning, moving as fast or as slow as it suites you - maximum flexibility, optimum benefits.
    • Certification by HumaNext means you get the rights to deliver our program unlimited number of times. Our certification does not give you credit toward an academic degree, but you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion designating you as a HumaNext Certified Facilitator in the subject of your certification.