Doing Great Work

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People oriented or task oriented? A Question that misses the most vital quality for doing great work: The Courage of Action.

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A trainer material package with a Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint Slides, and Reproducible Participant Workbook Master File for unlimited copies to unlimited number of workshop attendees.

Recipe for Doing Great Work: 

Start on the "People-side" with personal and employee engagement, add "Task-competencies" and creative solutions for optimum effectiveness, and top it with energetic "Action" for outstanding execution.

You've long heard the question: Are you "people-oriented" or "task-oriented"?

Now you have a unique trainer-led reproducible workshop package that covers both the "People-Orientation" side and the "Task-Orientation" side of doing great work, in addition to the third, often neglected side of "Action-Orientation". 


Using this triangle framework, people learn best practice strategies to boost productivity and achieve performance excellence at work.

The package is emailed to you complete with a Leader's Guide (Word document), a Reproducible Participant Workbook (Word), and PowerPoint Slides

This powerful one-day workshop delivers concepts and best practice models in experiential learning environment. 

  • The Key principle operating here is that doing great work requires paying attention to the two sides of the well-established "People vs Task" orientation continuum, then moving to the third side of "energetic action".
  • The workshop delivers concepts and tactics to energize and inspire people to do great work. Then it delivers best operational and performance practices that ensure that the tasks are done efficiently and effectively. 
  • While most training programs focus either on people skills or task skills, this training delivers both sets of skills, in addition to a third set that makes the final difference at work.

The third dimension covered by the training is the "Doing", or the "Action-Orientation" dimension. People end up mastering the three key dimensions of "People Orientation", "Task Orientation", and "Action-Orientation", thus becoming able to do great work.


People Orientation

  • In this dimension, people learn strategies for creating employee engagement
  • The drivers of engagement covered include autonomy, sense of purpose, and collaboration.
  • How accountability becomes self-generated as an internal personal motivation.
Task Orientation
  • In this dimension, people learn several powerful strategies for getting work done effectively and efficiently.
  • The learning covers productivity methods, critical thinking, and  creativity / idea generation.
Action Orientation
  •  In this dimension, the key qualities necessary for taking action are covered. These include self-confidence and courage.
  • How to avoid "Paralysis by Analysis", which dooms many otherwise smart managers and renders them ineffective.
  • How gut-level feelings can be harnessed to produce emotionally-intelligent decisions and actions.
  • How to use powerful communications to influence people and inspire them to take action and do great work.    
The package is emailed to you complete with a Leader's Guide, a Reproducible Participant Workbook, and PowerPoint Slides