Emotional Intelligence Style Profile - Paper


A paper and pencil assessment in pack of 5 for 5 users  (Shipping is not included until we know volume and location))


Emotional Intelligence refers to the complex mix of social and interpersonal behaviors that incorporate intuition, character, integrity, motivation, communication ability, and relationship skills. Use this assessment to diagnose these social skills.

You’ll learn about 4 primary emotional intelligence styles:

  • Conceptual
  • Reflective
  • Organized
  • Empathic

All people have the ability to use these 4 styles. The objective is understanding these 4 styles in order to use the most appropriate style in the right situation. This instrument will help you determine the degree of balance you display in your emotional intelligence. This new awareness can be used to enhance individual flexibility by increasing the repertoire of emotional responses available. Managers, trainers, consultants, and professionals from all walks of life will benefit personally and professionally from improving their emotional intelligence.

The assessment booklet includes coaching suggestions on how to use each style most effectively. Tips are behavioral making measurable improvement attainable for all individuals.