• Emotional Skills Assessment Process - Corporate [ESAP-C] Online 5 Users


    Not Just Assessment: 

    A Complete Emotional Learning Process for 5 Users

    The ESAP-C© is a validated, research-based emotional intelligence assessment you can do online in about 20 minutes.

    It offers 77 self-report items to provide specific measures of emotional skills that contribute strongly to personal achievement and better relationships in and off the workplace.

    The four dimensions of emotional intelligence described by Daniel Goleman (1995) in his seminal work (see avove figure) are strengthened through our Emotional Learning System (ELS)© and the positive assessment process of the ESAP.

    • The ESAP-C© provides a person-centered exploration and a systematic process for learning and enhancing emotional intelligence. 
    • The process helps you understand and enhance the related emotional competencies of Interpersonal Communication, Personal Leadership, Self Management in Life and Career (Motivation), and Intrapersonal Knowledge. 
    • When approached in an honest and self-valued way, the 13 underlying skills assessed by the ESAP-C© provide a beginning process for developing higher levels of emotional intelligence, achievement and ongoing self-renewal.
    Upon Completing the assessment you can download your report that explains your results and offers improvements.

    Reduced volume prices are available. Send your business information with your request to:service@humanext.com