Highly-Human Leadership for Leaders and Trainers

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Most Comprehensive Leadership Development and Coaching Program from HumaNext

Three Month Course of Actions with Written Coaching Feedback and Use the Materials to Coach and Train Others.

A Complete Process of Leadership Assessment, Strength Development, Future-Design, and On-the-Job Learning. Leading Self then Leading Others. 

The Most Complete Process of  Highly-Human Leadership Assessment, Development, and Action-Learning Online and On-the-Job - Blended Learning approach - With Written Personalized Coaching Feedback from HumaNext.

The premise of this approach to leadership is: You do not lead by being corporate. You lead by being human.

Highly-Human Leadership is a course of both learning and action that takes you from the inside to the outside. You first dig inward, then you move outward. Your ability to touch and win the hearts and minds of people is what moves them to follow you.

The program is part of a "Highly-Human" series of products and programs by HumaNext.


This Blended Learning Program offers a mix of online assessment, paper assessment, emailed course of content, action-learning activities to do by yourself and/or with colleagues on-the-job, supported by personalized online written feedback coaching.

Highly-Human Leadership: A Complete Online and Emailed Self-Learning Program with Virtual Coaching, Assessment, and Development Using a Comprehensive Scope-3D Approach: 

Discovery (Assessment); Development (of strengths); and Deployment (Action-Learning to apply the new competencies). 

The program is part online and paper assessments, part emailed course, part on-the-job action learning, and part virtual coaching via written feedback on wiki / interactive experience-sharing online. The 3Ds, or three phases of the comprehensive program are:

D1: Discover Your Personality Profiles

In this phase the person, or the team, get a battery of assessments that are relevant to them, such as leadership effectiveness profile, communication skills, personality behavioral orientation, emotional intelligence, culture dimensions, creativity and innovation skills, or others. There is a degree of customization available here. 


Usually, three assessments / profiles are selected and used, in a mix of online and paper, to provide a more complete picture of the range of personalities, behavioral patterns, preferences, and possibilities. 


D2: Develop Your Strengths


In this phase, the person will get the tools and training needed to develop key skills, covering both strengths and areas of needs. The skills covered are those identified by research as the ones most managers say they pose the most challenge to them and their teams. The three key skills covered here are;


  • Critical / Compelling Communications

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creativity and New Thinking

In addition, people learn to identify their sets of strengths, and ares of needs


D3: Deploy Your Gained Skills On the Job


In this important phase, absent from almost all other development programs offered today, leaders, or teams, get Action-Learning tools, tactics, models, and activities that enable them to learn, practice, and deploy new skills right on the job. 


While in the two previous phases of personal "Discovery" and strengths "Development" people work mainly alone, this "Deploy" phase offers them the vital opportunity to put their newly discovered personality styles and developed strengths to work. They receive concepts, models, and activities that they put immediately to practice as they communicate, collaborate, lead, and work together.

You will start receiving the program's components by email within 48 hours of receiving your order. Learn and apply at your own pace, while receiving written coaching feedback from HumaNext on our special inter-active website (wiki) where you can post your experiences, thoughts, challenges, and ideas.