Highly-Human Workplace

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Two Powerful Training Workshops + the Highly-Human Steering Session and Activities, to Create the Highly-Human Workplace of Happiness, Inclusion, Diversity,  and Great Performance.
Flexibility: Deliver it in two full days, four half-days, or in segments of one to two hours each.

We have created a comprehensive program to help you create the Highly-Human Workplace. It covers the topics and competencies needed for a workplace of inclusion, diversity, dignity, and happiness at work.

Major areas of emphasis are:

How Men and Women Can Work Together with Respect and Effectiveness


  This training covers the different ways men and women think, communicate, and work. The research-based content, case studies, and discussion in this area, often neglected by some diversity programs, adds an important, highly relevant aspect to your diversity program.‚Äč

How Different Generations Can Work Together More Effectively
    This training covers the relatively new area of Generations at Work. We cover the key characteristics of the four generations in today's workplace; The Mature Generation; the Baby Boomers; Generation X; and Generation Y. You will learn the value system of each generation, enabling people to work more effectively together.

Working with Persons with Disabilities and Sexual Diversity
    We also cover the area of ability and disability at work and offering case studies relevant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its requirements for organizations and managers. You will learn what the law requires and how to work more effectively and fairly with persons with disabilities. We also cover sexual orientation diversity.

Creating a Happy Work-Culture

- People learn the six principles of a happy work culture and how to create them at work.

- Lessons from leading American organizations that have succeeded in creating a happy, productive work culture.

This is an electronic product in MS Word that's customizable to meet your training needs. It comes with a detailed Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint slides, and reproducible Participant Workbook for unlimited copies to unlimited trainees. The electronic program files will be emailed to you within 24 business hours of your confirmed order.