Listening for Understanding. Communicating for Commitment Workshop

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"I wish I took this training before my secretary quit" That is what a department director wrote in his evaluation sheet of our Listening for Understanding. Communicating for Commitment workshop.

Powerful ready-to-use training program to teach communication skills, including speaking, listening, giving feedback, and communicating to resolve conflict.

At Rikers Island Correction Facility in New York a few years ago, this workshop was presented to managers working in perhaps the toughest work culture in the world: delivering health services to the inmates of the jail facility.

The dramatic change in attitude and communication practices after the workshop was noticeable to participants and to top leadership that wrote to us in recognition of our work.

This is an electronic product in MS Word that's customizable to meet your training needs. It comes with a detailed Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint slides, and reproducible Participant Workbook for unlimited copies to unlimited trainees. The electronic program files will be emailed to you within 24 business hours of your confirmed order.