Men and Women Working Best Together

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Today's Most Critical Issue at Work, Now in a Half Day Workshop Trainer's Package

Beyond Harassment: Building a Respectful and Productive Work-Culture

Pre Order Now at $200 off and Get It May 31 , 2018 - The best way to help men and women work best together.

Use the materials to coach, mentor, or deliver in half a day workshop or four "learn at lunch" sessions. 

Men and Women Working Best Together. 
Communicating and Collaborating with No Conflict, Confusion, or Harassment: 

Delivering Harassment-Prevention Training in the Most Positive Way  

A workshop addressing today's most critical topic: How men and women can work effectively and respectfully.

Use the content and slides as a Trainer's Package for half a half-day workshop with Facilitator's Guild, Slides, and Reproducible Workbook to deliver it unlimited number of times in classroom style training or coaching sessions.

Key Topics and Skills Covered, Delivered in Inter-active Experiential Training:

  • Gender Differences at Work 
  • Culture and Expectations Impacting Women and Men
  • Research-Based Men and Women Different Communication Styles 
  • Boss-Employee Relations with Gender Differences
  • Issues Women View as Important and How to Manage them
  • Issues Men View as Important and How to Manage them
  • What is Sexual Harassment and How to Prevent it
  • What men and women must NOT do while working together
  • What some men do that get them in trouble
  • What some women do that work against them
  • Building a culture of high engagement for everyone