Organization Learning Or Multi-User License


Choose the type of license you need from the menu above based on the following terms:

Single User License: Most off-the-shelf trainer's workshop packages / courses by HumaNext are licensed for one user / trainer. The majority of these packages have a regular price of $495 (some sold at a discount, and some larger programs have higher prices). For this license just order the workshop of your choice from the Workshop page

Multi-User-License: If an organization needs to have the materials delivered by more than one user / trainer of its employees in classroom settings only, you need a "Multi-User-License".

Organization Learning License: If an organization needs to use the materials for its employees in different media, not just in classroom style workshops, such as posting on an intranet, or other mass communication media, and by any number of users / trainers, they need to purchase an "Organization Learning License".

An Organization Learning License from HumaNext gives the purchasing / licensed organization the right to post the workshop's content on its Intranet and other digital media, and enables all its employed staff trainers to deliver the materials to the organization's employees in classroom settings or webinars. 

In addition, with an "Organization License", one person from the organization can get certified / coached to learn how to deliver the workshop if needed (not required). Additional persons can get certified online for additional fees. If the content includes online assessments or coaching, separate per-user fee for these will be required. (Please contact us.)

With the license the organization will receive all the documentations for the workshop which usually, but no always, include:
  • A step by step Facilitator's Guide in MS Word
  • A set of PowerPoint Slides covering the key learning point of the content.
  • A reproducible Participant Workbook with the right to print unlimited number of copies for use by trainees.
The License does not give you or the organization the right to sell, resell, or give the workshop or parts of it to anybody outside of the purchasing, licensed organization. 

General: If your needs differ from the above, we can customize a Special License for you. Please  use the "Contact us" page.
  • Write the title of the workshop / program of your choice in the comments part of your order or send us an email before ordering to make sure the workshop is available for this kind of license. The workshops shown in the graphic below are some of what is available.