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    RelationShifts is an off the shelf customizable training workshop package that creates team transformation experience, changing how people relate to their work, their colleagues and their organization.

    The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve results. RelationShifts is a unique team building / team transformation program that goes beyond traditional training.


    Intensive half-day or full-day training workshop that is significantly different from traditional team building and organization change training.

    • Purpose: Empowering People to Shift to Higher Levels of Relationships at Work.
    • This unique experience enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues, their organization, and their customers.
    • The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

    The workshop enables participants to experience, through activities, stories, and exercises, a set of powerful "insights" including the following three:                                                                                                              

    1. What we focus on becomes our reality                                                             

    2. We think in patterns formed by biology and culture                            

    3. We must step outside the box to find the solution         

    The workshop also includes self assessment that reveals to people how they can change from the inside out, with activities that often surprise participants as they discover better ways to relate and communicate with each other.

    This is an electronic product in MS Word that's customizable to meet your classroom workshop training needs. It comes with a detailed Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint slides, and reproducible Participant Workbook for unlimited copies to unlimited trainees. The electronic program files will be emailed to you within 24 business hours of your confirmed order.