• Self-Scope Course, Strengths Development, and Coaching

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    Six-Week Online Self-Discovery and Strengths Development Course, plus assessment, plus written coaching feedback

    Discover Your Personality and Grow Its Strengths to Achieve Great Goals, with Personalized Online Coaching Feedback from HumaNext.   


    Self-Scope is an emailed course with online sharing and written coaching feedback, with real-life activities and assignments you do in six weeks of personal discovery, strengths development, and future-design. It includes written coaching feedback from HumaNext to guide your 3D process of self-Discovery, strengths-Development, and future Design.         


    The course enables you to achieve the following:

    1- Discover your life's main themes and patterns.

    2- Reveal your personality's core identity.

    3- Uncover your genius, talents, and strengths.

    4- Determine your life's purpose, your calling.


    5- Define the goals that will take you to live your calling.

    6- Learn the dimensions of your emotional intelligence.

    7- Learn to think with creativity and agility to act outside the box.

    8- Deploy compelling communications to relate and achieve.


    9- Receive written feedback and coaching to guide you.

    10- Plan and take major actions to design and create your desired future.

    How The Self-Scope Course Works


    1- The course is delivered in Word documents for six weeks, in six parts.

    2- You will receive assessments to do, but the program goes way beyond assessments alone.

    3- You will learn a number of powerful processes to methodically discover the core of your personality, your life's calling, and your talents / strengths.

    4- You will receive practical activities you can do with your co-workers or family and friends to practice the models and tools you are learning.

    5- You will be invited to post your responses and share your experiences with others online at a special "Wiki" site where you will receive written feedback coaching from HumaNext.


    6- You will be able to learn from what others are sharing about their experiences discovering and developing their personality.

    7- The course uses concepts and methods from the fields of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, compelling communications, goal-setting, and work-life coaching.

    8- You will receive support by email.


    The Most Complete Personality Discovery and Strength Development Course Leading to Designing Your Desired Future.


    For Certification Option (to coach all employees or clients using the larger version of this course) Look for Certification / Personality Scope 3D program, in the "Categories" navigation