The Cultural Compass- Paper and Pencil Profile with Facilitator's Guide

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The customizable and reproducible Cultural Compass in Word document enables you to find the answers to the critical questions about your culture, and provides you with ways for moving toward a stronger, more positive and productive culture at work. The Compass is a self-scoring paper and pencil tool (you get it in MS Word) that takes users through an exciting process of cultural discovery by answering, plotting, and analyzing 48 key questions about their organizational culture. The 48 questions cover four primary cultural orientations; People, Task, Values (Ethics), and Synergy. The self-scoring results are then plotted on two dimensions; the People - Task dimension, and the Values - Synergy dimension. The resulting diagram reveals, both in figures and in a visual form, the current state of the organizational culture as viewed by the user(s).

The Cultural Compass Profile comes with a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide that explains the culture discovery and improvement process with detailed instructions. The process can be a segment in a training session on leadership, supervision, culture, team building, diversity, ethics, or other training topics. It can also be done in a department meeting to help the department understand and improve its team culture.

The Cultural Compass is sent to you in an electronic file in MS Word format, so you can customize it by adding your organization’s logo, mission statement, message from the president or the Training Department, or any other information easily and quickly. You can reproduce and distribute for face to face coaching, assessment, or training for a limited number of users, who must do their own calculations to produce the results. This works well for small groups in training sessions. You cannot convert this document into an electronic online form or use it on a website, Intranet, or similar media. If you need the Compass online you need to order the online version available in the Assessments category.

We offer a customized online version for groups, minimum 20, at $69 each which goes down with volume. Contact